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Family Practice Medicine services offered in Denver, CO

At Family CareX, family practice medicine spans a broad range of primary care, including preventive care, general medicine, and pediatric care. Experienced doctor Joseph Matarazzo, DO, provides compassionate, professional, and efficient care in the Denver, Colorado, office, giving every member of your family a friendly and reliable medical home base. Call the office or book an appointment through the online scheduling feature today.

Family Practice Medicine Q&A

What is family practice medicine?

Family practice medicine manages medical care for your entire family, from infants to great-grandparents. Many Denver families find it extremely convenient to coordinate all of their medical care in one place at Family CareX.

With family medical care, your providers already know each individual’s medical history as well as the whole family’s history so they can most efficiently provide personalized care. 

What does family practice medicine cover?


Family practice medicine is all-encompassing care. Some of the many services under this umbrella are:


  • Physical exams for adults of all ages
  • Infant care
  • Well-child visits
  • School physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnosis/treatment of sinus infections, flu, sore throat, and other acute illnesses
  • COVID 19 testing and treatment 
  • Pregnancy care
  • Heart disease management
  • Diabetes care
  • Treatment of skin rashes


Family CareX also manages many other medical needs. If you have two or more chronic conditions and you’re eligible for Medicare, you can enroll in the chronic care management program, which gives you extra tools to better manage your health. 


Family practice medicine responds to new health problems but also focuses on preventive health care. This means you’ll learn about health risk factors and how to decrease or eliminate those risk factors through positive changes like nutrition services, regular exercise, and weight loss.

What if I need care outside the scope of family practice medicine?

If you need specialized medical care that falls outside the range of the services available at Family CareX, not to worry. You receive a referral to a Denver-area medical specialist who can help.


Of course, Family CareX continues to manage all of your general medical care while consulting with the specialist for your specific health needs. 

How often should I see my family practice medicine provider?


Health needs can vary widely from one patient to another and even within your family. Family CareX evaluates the medical needs of each individual to come up with a health care plan that keeps you and your loved ones well.


Most patients need a general physical wellness exam at least once a year, with additional appointments as needed for issues like the flu. 


To get convenient, skilled family medical care for all of your loved ones, call Family CareX or click the online scheduling feature to book an appointment now.