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Minor Procedures services offered in Denver, CO

When you have a small injury or issue, like a laceration, you definitely don’t want to waste time and money on an emergency room visit. At Family CareX in Denver, Colorado experienced primary care provider Joseph Matarazzo, DO, offers compassionate, professional, and efficient care with convenience including minor procedures in the office. Click on the provided online scheduler or call the office for help now.

Minor Procedures Q&A

What are minor procedures?

Minor procedures are surgical procedures that occur in the Family CareX office. Because minor procedures are technically surgery, many people assume they need to go to a hospital or dedicated surgical center to take care of those needs.

Fortunately, that’s not the case at Family CareX. The practice has clean and well-appointed facilities with the most advanced equipment available, allowing your provider to perform a number of minor procedures conveniently in the office.  

When might I need minor procedures?

You might need a minor in-office procedure if you have one of the following issues. 


  • Laceration
  • Foreign body in a superficial wound
  • Cyst
  • Wart
  • Corn or callus
  • Ingrown toenail


Some other wounds or injuries may also qualify for minor procedure treatment in the Family CareX office. If you’re injured and aren’t sure whether a minor procedure in the office is appropriate, just call the office to ask, and one of the friendly experts can advise you.

How do minor procedures work?


Before your minor procedure, you typically receive local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. The anesthesia may be a cream, spray, or local injection using a tiny needle. Local anesthesia takes effect almost immediately so you can have your procedure promptly. 


Generally, a minor procedure requires only a very small incision. Your provider expertly cleans the surgical area and performs your procedure, which usually takes only a few minutes. After correcting the issue, your provider skillfully places a couple of tiny sutures to close the incision. 

What happens after minor procedures?


Your provider may apply a bandage at the end of your procedure. You receive a sheet with aftercare instructions, which include directions like keeping your healing incision clean and applying ointments or creams as needed. 


In some cases, you might also need to take an oral medication like an antibiotic for a short time after your procedure. You usually have a follow-up visit within the next week.  

If you’re injured or need a minor procedure, you can now schedule it conveniently in the Family CareX office. Click the online booking tool or call the office today. 

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