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Nutrition Services services offered in Denver, CO

Nutrition services include helpful guidance about the foods you eat and the way you nourish your body. At Family CareX, dedicated primary care physician Joseph Matarazzo, DO, provides a variety of nutrition services in the Denver, Colorado, office. With nutrition counseling, you can help your whole family thrive. Call the office or book your nutrition services consultation online now.

Nutrition Services Q&A

What are nutrition services?

Nutrition services are medical care that helps you improve your health in relation to what you eat and drink. Family CareX offers nutrition services customized for your medical conditions, health goals, and medical history. Nutrition services can help patients of every age to grow healthier. 

What is included in nutrition services?

Nutrition services can include:


In-house lab services

Lab testing can identify many nutritional deficiencies and health problems. Family CareX performs lab testing in the office, so you get faster results. 


Nutrition counseling

Nutrition counseling helps you develop a healthy eating plan, including choosing the ideal foods and eating the right portions. Your specific nutrition recommendations depend on your health problems and your goals.

Your provider can tailor your counseling to help you get back to good health while protecting yourself from disease.

If you have a chronic disease like Type 2 diabetes, nutrition counseling can help you lower your blood sugar — and it might even allow you to manage the condition without medication. 

Nutrition counseling is also a major facet of chronic condition management (special medical care for Medicare members with two or more chronic conditions). And nutrition counseling can also help you prevent additional chronic diseases by correcting problems like high cholesterol and major weight gain before they become severe.



Supplements, often in the form of tablets or capsules, can be a good way to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies that you can’t fully resolve by changing your eating habits. In some cases, with severe deficiencies, you might need a higher level of supplementation through injections or intravenous infusions.


Your nutrition services plan depends entirely on your life and goals. Family CareX is here to guide you as you become the healthy person you long to be.  


How do nutrition services work?

For nutrition services at Family CareX, you generally need to visit the office at least once for any necessary in-house lab testing. Your provider can help you establish an eating plan at that time, and you follow up through future in-office or virtual visits.


Do you need help getting your eating on track? Family CareX offers compassionate, professional, and efficient care in their convenient Denver office, so they’re an excellent choice for bettering your eating habits in a comfortable environment. Call the office or click on the online booking link now.